"Finally Free" When you find inner peace along the long journey. Nov 2018

I love my stain colors! It gives the piece real depth.

Rear view.

A mother's wisdom lasts a lifetime. Nov. 2018

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"Proud Parents" before color.

"Proud Parents" now in the home of a fun couple married 62 years!

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"The First Kiss" series, #6 The final stain will go on next.

"The First Kiss" series, #7. Oct 2018

A few from the sea. Got to love that red cedar.

Suzie guarding my favorite saw.

Viking bust. Sept 2018

A pair of falcons ready to be set free.

Added some more life into this wolf totem.

I decided to call this one "Under the Alpha"

Any side can be the front of this totem.

May 2018

Before chainsaw carving, I hand carved faces with chisels. Tree Spirits, Vikings, and ultimately Native Chiefs show age and wisdom.

Eagles are the most powerful Bird of Prey, in my opinion. I love carving them.

Patriotic Eagles are a natural combination.

A repeating theme in my work is the momma or poppa teaching the young how to fly. Any animal with blue eyes is done in memory of my mother Carol.

Peregrine Falcons are great hunters.

This momma and her baby are hanging out on the end of a bench in Beaver Creek, CO.

Busch Bear. This guy needs a beer to stay steady.

A Blue Heron enjoying an afternoon by the waterfall.

I milled these bench slabs myself. They're from a large Chestnut Oak tree. I used an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill. The eagles are carved from White Pine.

Nothing can duplicate the true beauty of these fish, but the airbrush helps. My first fly-fishing trip in July 2016 in the Eagle River, CO made me want to try one.

I try to reflect courage in my eagles. Photo by www.MonstrInTheDark.com

This carving was my first full sized person. It was a true challenge for me as I have no formal art background, but I felt pure joy as I pushed myself through it. The wood is Catalpa, my favorite. Photo by www.MonstrInTheDark.com

This carving is called The Journeyman. It was made for one of the founders of the parenting website Fatherly.com. I love how this came out. Carved from Red Cedar, the piece brings life to any room it's in.

Some of my early eagles. These were done in my first or second year of carving. The grain in this Catalpa wood is awesome.

Barn Owl carved in White Pine. Air brushed colors bring it to life.

Carving at a Birds of Prey show in Brewster, NY. June 2017

June 2016. Setting up to make sure it all fits before a show!

This carving was inspired by a painting of a Native American I bought on my honeymoon 31 years ago. I never dreamed I would be able to carve it in 3D. The inscription on the painting says: "Nothing is so strong as gentleness, Nothing so gentle as real strength." - Author Unknown, found in Cherokee, NC, 1986

Photo shoot with the Poughkeepsie Journal (Dutchess County, NY). The eagle behind me was donated for a Fireman's Junior Corp fundraiser in Yorktown, NY. July 2017. Photo by www.PoughkeepsieJournal.com

Inspired by my Darkside of Art entry from the August 2016 Zombie Festival in Altoona, PA. The Red Cedar gives him good highlights. Photo by www.PhilRocPhotography.com