"There’s no mistakes in carving, just a change of plans" - Interview with the Vail Daily

"Built like a linebacker and donning a beard full of wood, Don Mesuda speaks softly and carries a big chainsaw. He calls the layers of wood covering him — hot off his chainsaw — 'Man Glitter.'"

"Empty nester fills gap in life with chainsaw art" - Poughkeepsie Journal

"...the 54-year-old Hopewell Junction resident was in the electrical trade for 36 years and owned his own business for more than 20 of those years. But when his three children went away to college and business began to slow, Mesuda felt like something was missing from his life."

Documentary profiling Don Mesuda “Droppin’ Pieces: A Chainsaw Carving Story” - The Harlem Valley News

"I’ve filmed other woodworkers and artists before, but I’ve never met an artist with as much passion as Don. It was obvious minutes after meeting him that there’s nothing more this man would rather be doing than rocking out with his tunes while getting to it with his chainsaws.” - Sean Tracy, director.

Hopewell’s Don Mesuda is an Artist With a Chainsaw - Mix 97 FM

"He started to work with wood and learned how to carve using a chainsaw by watching YouTube videos. Don has dyslexia, so learning by watching videos was much easier than reading about chainsaw art."

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VIDEO: Interview with TV8 Vail

Don was invited to Beaver Creek, Colorado as a featured artist for their inaugural Hike to the Mic event in September 2017, featuring a concert by Elvis Costello. Don displayed his work and also gave live carving demonstrations throughout the weekend-long event.

Local Artist Experiences Zen Through Chainsaw Carving - Hudson Valley Magazine

January 18, 2018

"Don Mesuda’s backyard is alive with owls, raccoons, eagles, and bear cubs. They’re not pests, though; they’re chainsaw carvings. Sporting a bandana and a lumberjack beard, Mesuda seems like someone you’d see stepping off of a Harley at the local diner, not an artist who has experienced a Zen-like enlightenment through carving."

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